Friday, June 17, 2011

Easy To make Diffusion Glow Effect On Image In This Tutorial

Easy To make Diffussion Glow Effect On Image In This Tutorial,This Photoshop effect makes light skin glow while On Image In This Tutorial,We Are Use Filter menu And Victor mask And Hue/Saturtion,And Make Diffussion Glow Effect On Image In Tutorial.

Final Image.


I Use This Image.

Step 1 : Open Document In Adobe PhotoShop After Ctrl +J Copy Background layer.

 After layer Penal Add A Victor Mask Blending Mode Screen .

 Step 2 : Copy Victor Mask layer Ctrl+J.

After Image.


 Add A Group layer .

Couple layer Are Simple Click Layers And Relies In Group layer After Select Layer1.

 Step 3 : Go To "Filter Blur MotionBlur".

 Motion Blur Setting.


 And Simple Press 2 Time Ctrl+F After Image.

 After Select Copy Layer .

Go To"Filter Blur Motion Blur".

Motion Blur Setting.

 And Simple Press Ctrl+F  2 Time After Image.

Step 4 :Select Layer1 .

Go To "Filter Sharpen Unshap Mask.

UnSharp mask Setting.

After Press Ctrl+F 2 Time And Image.

 Select Copy Layer .

Go To Filter UnSharp Mask.

And Press Ctrl+F 2 Time After Image.

Step 5 : Select Group layer And Add Victor Mask .

Select Brush And Make it Setting.

 Make Sure Color.


 And Opacity Setting.


After Apply On Image.

After Layer Penal.

Step 6 : Select layer 1 And Hue/Saturation .

Hue/Saturation Setting.

After Layer penal.

Select Copy Layer And Hue/Saturation .

Hue/Saturation Setting.

 After Image Look Like This.

After Make New Layer .

Select Layer And Select Gradient.

Gradient Setting.

After Layer Penal Setting overlay Opacity 34%.

And Here We Are Final Effect Image.


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