Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Add Color To Black And White Image Photoshop Tutorial

In This Photoshop Tutorial Add Color To Black And White Image easily  .this is very interesting photoshop tutorial easy to add color to black and white image in Photoshop few steps tutorial.

Coloring Final Image.

 I Use this Image.

Open Image.


Step 1 : Create New Layer.

Step 2 : Select Brush Tool .

And Choose Color.

And Apply With Brush On Image.

Step 3 : After Select Blending Mod "Soft Light".

Select The Eraser Tool.

Eras The Eye, lips And Teeth Area.

Step 4 : Image  Adjust The Hue/Saturation .


 Simple Press Ctrl+U Setting .

Step 5 : Create New Layer For Add Lips Color.

Select Brush Tool.

And Select Lips Color.

Apply On Image.

After Layer Penal Blending Mode "Soft Light"

And Adjust Hue/Saturation Ctrl+U Setting.

After Image.


Step 6 : Create New layer For Eyes Add Coloring.

Select Brush Tool .

And Color Setting.


And Apply On Eyes With Brush.

layer Penal Blending mode setting "Soft Light".

Ctrl+U Hue/Saturation Setting.

After Eyes Look Like This .

Step 7 :Create New Layer4 For Clothes Color.

Select Pen Tool.

Pen Tool Setting.

And Make Selection.

Step 8 : After All Cloth Selection Mouse Click Right And Select "Make Selection"

Selection Feather Radius 2.

Step 9 : Select Brush Tool And Select Color Blue .

And Apply On Image .

And layer Penal Blending "Soft Light"

And Adjust Hue/Saturation Ctrl+U.

And We Are Finale Adding Color Image .


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