Friday, June 10, 2011

Add Cool Pix elated Effect On Image In Photoshop

Add Cool Pix elated Effect On Image In Adobe Photoshop Easy Tutorial,This is very Easy Learn and Interesting Pix elated Effect Adobe Photoshop Tutorial.

Final Image.

 I use This Cutting Image .

 Step 1 :Open "File New".


 Documents Setting.


 Step 2: Select Move Tool And Move Image To Real Docouments.

Step 3 : Select Brush Tool .

Click Right And Make Setting.

After Setting You Have New Brush And Select 43 Brush.

Step 4 : Go To Window Brush.

 Brushes Setting.

And Setting Texture .

After .

And After Setting.

Step 5: And Add Victor mask Go To layer Penal 'Victor Mask Button" .

Make Sure Color.

Apply On Image With Brush.

Step 6: Duplicate Image Layer Right Click On Layer And "Duplicate Layer".

And Duplicate layer Mask Delete Right Click And Select Delete Mask.

Create new Layer.

Make Sure Color.

Step 7 : Select Agan Brush And Click Icon Brush Histor Top Of Affter Apply.

Step 8 : Select Duplicate Layer .

Step 9: Go To "Filter Blur Motion Blur".

Motion Blur Setting.

And After Go To Layer Penal Blending Mode Screen.

 Here We Final Result.


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