Thursday, June 9, 2011

How To Making Text photo In Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

How To Making Text photo In Adobe Photoshop Tutorial,In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial we are going to learn how to replace an image in text effect , This photoshop Text photo tutorial very easy to learn photoshop.

Final Result Image.

I Use This Image.

Step 1 : Open Image in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 2 : Go "Select Color Range" 

Color Range Select Shadows.

After You Have Shadow Selection.

 And Simple Press Ctrl+J Copy Selection Area In New Layer  Select Back Ground layer.

Step 3 : Go to "Select Color Range"

Color Range Setting Midtones.

After You Have Selection Area .

And Simple Press Ctrl+J copy Selection Area in To Other Layer And off  Background Layer.

 After Image.


Step 4 : And Select layer 2 Go To "Edit Fill".

"Fill Setting 50% Gray" And Click "preserve Transparency" .

Select Layer1 Agen Go To "Edit Fill" Black.

After Hold Down Shift And Click Both Of Layer And Ctrl+E Merge it.
After Image.

Step 5: Open New Documents.

Document setting.

Step 6 : And Fill it White Ctrl+Backspace And Select "Type Tool"

And Type Any Text .

Select Rectangular tool.

Make All Selection.

Step 7 : Go To Edit Define Brush Preset

And Type Brush Name.

 Step 8: Go To Original Documents And Create 2new Layers And Fill It layer 2 White Ctrl+Backspace And Select Layer 3.

Select Brush Tool And You Have Select "Define Brush Preset"

Apply On Image.

Select Layer 1 Image Layer And Simple Ctrl+A And Ctrl+C Copy Image.

Step 9 :  After Select layer 3 Click Add Victor mask Button on Layer penal .

Hold Down Alt+Click Victor Mask Layer.

And Simple Press Ctrl+V Past Image on Mask.

 After Simple Press Ctrl+I Inverse Color Image.

 And Simple Click on Vector mask Layer And On The Layer 2.

After Image.


Step 10 : Go To layer Penal Fx Button Select "Gradient Overlay"

Gradient Overlay Color Setting.

Gradient Setting Screen mode.

After Image Look like This .

After Select Soft Brush.

And Opecity 33%.

Step 11:  Apply On image Eyes And Lips After Hire And Create Layer4 .

And Select Text Brush I Use Agen Image.

And apply Image.

Right Click layer 3 Select "Copy layer Style".

And Select layer 4" paste layer Style".

After Ready Text Photo.



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