Monday, June 6, 2011

Awesome Cool Magic Lighting Text Effect Photoshop tutorial

Awesome Cool Magic Lighting Text Effect Photoshop few steps tutorial, in this photoshop we learn how to add cool magic lighting effect on text few steps photoshop tutorial,add cool magic effect with lighting text in this tutorial.

Lighting Cool Text.

 Download Cool Magic Effect PSD

 Step 1: Open New Documents 500*500 in photoshop.

 Step 2 : Create a New Layer .

 Select Brush Tool And Make Setting.

 Make Sure Color.


 Apply on document .


 Step 3 : Go To Layer Penal FX Button "Gradient Overlay".


Grandient Overlay color setting.

After Gradient Overlay.


 After Doucoment.


 Step 4 : Create New Layer .

Make Sure Color.

 Step 5 : Go To " Filter Render Clouds".

After Image.

 And Layer Penal Setting blending mode "Overlay".

 Afer Image.


 Step 6 : Brush Tool Setting.

Make sure color.

 Create New Layer.

 Step 7 : Select Pen tool.

And Pen Tool Setting.

Apply On Documents.

Select Aero Make For Selection .

Make Selection.

After Selection .

Step 8 : Right Click Select Stroke Path.


Stroke Path Select Brush.

After Simple press Crt+D Delete Path And Lines.

Step 9 :Create New layer and Select brush.

 Select Brush Go To "Windo Brush"

And Brush Setting.

Apply On Document .

Step 10 : Select layer 3 Go To FX Button Outer Glow.

Outer Glow Setting.

Step 11 : Right Click On Layer 3 Copy Layer Style.

Go To Layer 4 Right Click And Past layer Style.

 Step 11 : Select Type Tool And Type your text I Type my blog name.

After Type Text  Right Click And Past Layer Style .

After Layer Penale.

 And Cool Lighting magical Effect Final Text.


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