Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Easy Make And Beautiful Cool Background In Photoshop Tutorial

A Easy Make And Beautiful Cool Background In Photoshop tutorial, In This Adobe Photoshop tutorial we make Cool Background,in This Few Steps Tutorial We Make A Beautiful and Cool Background in adobe photoshop.

Final Background Image.


 Step 1 : Open New Documents  1280*720.

Fill It Black Alt+Backspace.

Step 2 : Create New Layer In Layer Penal.

 Step 3 :Select Brush Tool And Setting.

 Step 4 : Select Pen Tool

Make Select Like This Image.

 Make Sure Color.


Step 5 : Right Click Mouse And Select Stroke Path.

Select Stroke Path Brush.

Right Click Delete Path.

Step  6: Go To Layer FX Button Outer Glow In Layer Penal.

Outer Glow Setting .

After Line.

  Duplicate Layer 1.

 Ste 7 : Create New layer And Hold Down Shift Copy Layer And New layer Click And Ctrl+ E Marge Layer.

 And un Visible Layer 1 We Work In Layer 3.

Step 8 :  Hold Down Ctrl +Click On Icon Layer.

 After Your Line In Selection .

And Press Ctrl+Alt+T.

And Simple Move It .

Step 9: And We Need More These Line Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T And  Press 8 Time We Need 8 Line.
 And Duplicate Layer And Un Visibility  Layer3.

Step 10 : Press Ctrl+T And Right Click Select Warp.

 And Free Transform Warp Adjust Like This.


Press Enter And  Press Ctrl+T Hold Down Shift And Corner Click And Small Size


 Duplicate Layer 3

Step 11: Press Ctrl+T Right Click Select Flip Horizontal .

Flip Horizontal Image And Adjust It .

Marge layer.

Duplicate Layer 3 Copy 2.

Step 12: And Press Ctrl +T Right Click And Select Flip Vertical .

Marege The Layer.

After Adjust it and Ready Cool Background.


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