Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Text Easy To Convert Plastic Text Effect In Photoshop

Text Easy To Convert Plastic Text Effect In Photoshop,In this Photoshop Plastic text effects tutorial, we're going to learn how to use Photoshop Layer Style to easy make Plastic text effect Tutorial.

Final Text Image.

 Step 1 : Open New Page .

800*600 .


 Step 2 : Fill You Documents With Black Simple Press D And Alt+ Backspace.

 Step 3 : Add You Text On Document Select Type Tool.

Type Tool Setting .

And Type Your Text.

Step 4 : Choose Your Text Color Go To FX Button On Layer Penal And Colocr Overlay .

Color Overlay Setting.

Step 5 : Add An Inner Shadow In Layer Style Select inner Glow Setting.

Step 6 : Apply The" Bevel and Emboss"

Bevel and Emboss Setting.

Step 7 : Apply The" Contour "Setting.

After Text Look Like This.

Step 8 : Duplicate The Layer Right Click on Layer and Duplicate It.

Step 9 :  Select Layer 1. Fx Button On Layer penal And Add Stoke .

Stroke Setting.

Step 10 : Apply The" Bevel Emboss" on Stroke layer Style .

Bevel Emboss Setting.

After Text And We Are Final Plastic Text Effect.


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