Saturday, May 28, 2011

Easy To Make Cool Wallpaper In This Photoshop Tutorial cs3,4

Easy to Make Cool Wallpaper in this Photoshop tutorial,Today we Are Learn How To make a cool Easy And Quick Wallpaper Its So Simple In This Adobe Photoshop tutorial cs3,4 .

Cool Wallpaper.


Step 1 : Open new Documents 


New, 1600*1000 Back Ground White.
Make Sure Color.


Step 2 : Double Click On Layer Unlock It

Step 3: Go To Filter Render Fibers.

Fibers Setting 16.0 ,4.0.

 After image.

Step 4 ; Go to Filter Blur Motion Blur.

Motion Blur Setting Angle,90 Distance 999.

After Image Look Like this.

Step 5: Go To Layer Penal FX Button And Select Gradient Overlay.


Color Choose.

After Image.

Step 6 :Right Click On Layer And Select Copy Layer Style.

Step 7 : Select Rectangular Marquee Tool.
And make Selection .

Step 8 : After Selection Simple press Ctrl+C And Past Ctr+V on New layer .

 Simple press Ctrl+D Remove Selection And After image.

 Right Click on New layer and paste Layer Style.


Step 9 : Select Copy layer And Go to FX Button Drop Shadow.

 Drop Shadow Setting.

 Select Type Tool And Type You Name And Another .

 After Your Cool Wallpaper Ready .


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