Monday, May 23, 2011

Easy To Create Multi-Colored Glowing Lines Effect In Photoshop

Easy to Create Multi-Colored Glowing Lines effect in Photoshop tutorial,in this photoshop tutorial we are learn how to add multi-color effect on photo in Photoshop.

Final Result Image.

I Use This Image .
Step 1:File Open Image .

 Step 2: Create New Layer.

 Step 3:Select Pen Tool.

Apply on Image .

Step 4:Select Brush Tool.

 Brush tool Seting.

Select Color.

Step 5:Select pen tool and Right click on Pen Line and Choose Stork Path.
Make sure Brush option .

After Image.

Delete the Line.

Step 6:Create New Layer on Layer penal.

Select Brush Tool.

Select Color.

Color 2.

Apply Color.  

Color 3.

Color 4.

color 5.

Step 7:Hold Down On Alt And Click On Layer 1and Layer 2 Center.

 After Image.

 Double Click on Layer 1 inner glow

 And Stork setting.

 After Layer Penal .

 And Image.

 Step 8:Select Eraser Tool .


 Apply Eraser .
 After Image And We Are Result Image.


Line looks better when 10px gaussian blur is applied and without white stroke.

well described about multi-colored glowing lines effect,
i want to make also in wave form :(
can you please help me??

student plus

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