Sunday, May 22, 2011

How To Get Rid From Face Acne Skin Photo Retouch Photoshop Tutorial

How To Get Rid From Face Acne Skin Photo Retouch Photoshop Tutorial. In this tutorial we gonna read about demonstrate a straightforward technique to help you smooth skin and Get Rid From Face Acne quickly fairy while preserving the texture of the pores.
Final Image :

Original Image :
 Orignal Image
Step 1:
Open image, duplicate into new layer and set bleding mode of this layer to 'Vivid Light'.

vivd layer
Layer Vivid Light
Step 2:
Now go to Image menu on the top of photoshop and invert this layer. Image > Adjustments >Invert Or use shotkey cmd + i.
Image Adj Invert
Step 3:
Apply Gaussian blur on same layer goto Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.
 Filter Blur
filter high pass
Step 4:
When you complete last 3 steps now let's smooth the skin apply High Pass filter goto Filter > Other >High Pass do that until you are happy with the smoothing.
 Filter Other
filter high Pass
Step 5:
Now create mask for the layer and fill it with black and switch forgound color to white. Then select soft brush and start drawing and don't apply on eyes or lips.

Final Image :
Finished! I hope that you learned a few new techniques here. If you have a different approach, let me know in the comments!


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