Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Easy To Add Sparkle Effect on Image In Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Easy To Add Sparkle Effect on Image In Adobe Photoshop Tutorial,this is very Easy Add Sparkle Effect on Image In photoshop tutorial.

Final Result.


Step 1:open Image and cutting extra area .

Open New Page.
 Step 2: Simple Select Lasso Tool And Select Image Simple press Ctrl+C And Paste Ctrl+V.

 Step 2 :Select Layer White And Make Color.


Gradient overlay.

Outer Glow setting.

Step 3: Duplicate Layer.

Step 4 :Filter Blur Motion Blur.

 After Image.

Creale New Layer.

Make Sure Color.

Filter Render Clouds.

After Image And Layer panale.

Create New Layer Fill It Black.

Go to Filter Render Filbers .

Fibers setting.
After Image.

Go to Filter Blur Motiion Blur.

After Image.

After Press Ctrl+T adjust this layer .

Select Lasso Tool and Make Selection than Hold down Ctrt click cut tha selection area.

than right click and select  invers simpel press del.


Select easer tool and erase area.

Go to Fx Button And this setting.

Gradient overlay setting.

After Image.

Create New layer Go to Granteni map.
Map Setting.
Blending opition soft light.

Agen Grantient Map.

Blending mod setting.

Agen Go to Gradient Map .

Soft light opecity 47.

Fx Button Grantient Map.
After Image.


Add Room Pic.

Down Of Layer panel opacity setting.

Here WE are Final Result.


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