Sunday, July 3, 2011

Apply Page Curl Effect On Images Using Photoshop

Apply Page Curl effect on images using Photoshop. It very simple to apply page curl effect on you images using Photoshop. In this tutorial you will also learn about some basic tools of Photoshop such as Brush Tool, Rectangular Marquee Tool, Blending Option and more.
Final Preview :

First i search two beautiful images through search engine and deiced to use these to images.

Step 1:

First we gonna create images border. Open Your required image in Photoshop. Then select Rectangular Marquee Tool.
It should look like that.

Step 2 :
For making border we again use  Rectangular Marquee Tool  and make new selection inside of first selection so select Subtract From Selection form top menu bar.

After completing selection your image should look like that.
Step 3 :

Now select which color you want to apply on your image border i use white color. Set color on Foreground or Background  then press Ctrl with Backspace ( Ctrl + Backspace) OR Alt with Backspace (Alt + Backspace) depending  you set color on Background OR on Foreground. Then you image should look like that.
Step 4
Repeat all previous step again on next image.
Step 5
Make new layer and move second image on that layer.
Then choose which image you have to show on front i deiced to show layer 0 image on front so i move layer on top.
Step 6 :
Now press Ctrl with T (Ctrl + T) For Free Transform OR go Edit and click on Free Transform option. when you activate Free Transform option 6 small rectangle shows on your image border. Some thing like that.
Now right click on image and select Warp Option.

Image look like that.
 Now choose the corner where you like to add Page Curl then click on small rectangular on that corner and move down until you not satisfied.
 Image look like that.
Step 7 :
Now add some real light effect on borders right click on layer 0 and click on Blending option

Click on Inner Shadow option apply fowling setting.
 Finlay You image look like that.
Final Preview :
Also check other option in Blending option for new result.

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That's great, i didn't know this tool and its working. New Web Templates

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